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We Build People Before Business
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PropNex Leadership Program

In this Real Estate Agency - PropNex, you can Build a career that can last, Being a leader can help you to build a long lasting career, with PropNex Dual Career Path, the most rewarding scheme that allow our negotiator to build their business to last & sustainable.

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Cliff Siow (REN 17372) - Propnex Champion Group District leader 

Cliff Siow got involved in the industry 6 years ago, it has been a great learning journey to him.​ He start this business with a team of 3 and now with PropNex this powerful platform and right corporate culture.

He did not have a proper direction at the start, tried many different way but still failed. Things only start getting better when his focus is to add value to the people including himself, his client, his team and his company. The amazing part of this Journey is he get to know so many great people who always give him support and he mentioned that he couldn't have made it through this challenging career.

"If you're not making someone else's life better, then you are wasting your time"

CSD District Leader

Simon Koh (REN 19579) - District leader of PropNex Malaysia
There are always challenge and difficulties if you want to become a leader. Simon start his journey 6 years ago and start with a team of 3, and now, he have more than 50 REN under his division. He always create value to his team members and lead by an example in doing sales and building team. 

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough”

CSD Team Leader

Chris Lee - REN 31108


April Low - REN 28318


Emily Tan - REN 21770


Wendy Khoo - REN 07464


Tracy Chai - REN 18665


Wallace Yap - REN 23220


Billy Tan - REN 28708


Ben Yong


Cogan Law


Leonard Tneo - REN 37808


Anderson Yoong REN - 29461


Sara Low - REN 25160


Rachel Soo - REN 35458


Stella Lee -


Johnsen Phang - REN 22862


Mark Thoo


Hacken Gan - REN 42276

24th Months Career Planning

1st Year 100k 
Promote to be Team Leader

2nd Year 300k 
Promote to be

Senior Team Leader

3rd Year 900k
(Group Sales)

Promote to be

Group Leader

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