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In this real estate agency, It doesn't matter if you are new or experienced, it doesn't matter if you are focus in primary or secondary market, as long as you want to consistently successful in this industry, here is a platform for you to learn and grow, become a better Property agent.


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Top Individual Achiever in CSD

Featured Leader in CSD

Hacken Gan (REN 42276) 
2 times Platinum Achiever within 8 months, this is a amazing result for a person who just new to this industry. Before Hacken join this industry, he is a former sales person, this experience helps him in starting up his career as REN, although he is new, but he always provide the best services to his client. 
Sara Low (REN 25160) 
With a background in marketing and promotion for home appliances, she has been able to leverage her expertise to excel in the real estate industry since 2017. Her unwavering determination and passion for this field have consistently yielded impressive results, earning her a spot as one of PropNex's Top 50 producers every year. She leads a team of 40 members to further expand her business ventures.
Justin Tan (REN 38006) 
Despite his young age of 25, Justin has already made significant strides in the real estate industry. He is a natural leader, skilfully managing a team of 20 members while excelling in the field of marketing. He possesses a talent for advertising, In 2023 alone, Justin has managed to achieve impressive sales of over 600k, a testament to his dedication and expertise in the industry.

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Training & Development

24th Months Career Planning

1st Year 100k 
Promote to be Team Leader

2nd Year 300k 
Promote to be

Senior Team Leader

3rd Year 900k
(Group Sales)

Promote to be

Group Leader

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